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The CONCEPT3 is a design led innovative product for water, soap and hand dryer in an all-in-one elegant and functional design.




Meet the FUGA EVO UVC hand dryer

The new FUGA EVO UVC hand dryer is a game changer in hand drying desinfection. This unit doesn´t only look good but passes the air drawn in from the surrounding space through the system and over a UVC light that desinfects the air. It also includes a HEPA filter for additional purity.


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Quality and Design

The design of NOFER products is underpinned by the ISO9000 standard. The process of product design, quality control and testing is carried out with the end user in mind. To produce and supply a reliable and efficient product, NOFER pays careful attention to the technical, safety and ergonomic aspects of the design and works closely with the top national and European laboratories.

A Universal Product

Our aim is to create products that can be used by all types of users. With this in mind we work on the principal that our products should be suitable for everyone. It is because of this that NOFER is able to offer a complete range of bathroom products which are adapted to the needs of all our customers.