About us

NOFER was set up in Barcelona, Spain, 50 years ago and now offers its products and expertise in over 50 countries around the world. The manufacturing facilities are in Barcelona, Spain, where over 1000 sanitary and stainless steel products are produced.

Innovation in product design and manufacturing has meant that NOFER now offers a wide range of products. The attention to detail and a focus on quality control to supply products that meet the customers’ needs means that NOFER is now one of the leading suppliers for these types of products in the industry.


As well as, this NOFER also promotes an atmosphere of collaboration and team spirit, both within the company and with its partners and customers. This means that working with NOFER, whether as an employee, a supplier, or as a customer is an assurance of quality, high standards and a convivial atmosphere in which to carry out your day to day business.